Saturday, May 23, 2009

Moving to Workpress

Why - because no one wears the same shoes all year the new link is

I am hoping that Wordpress will be just as User Friendly.

See you guys there!!!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

The week that was...

The good thing about the week is that I have succeeded in clearing all the backlog due to being away on business these couple of weeks and have accomplished what I set out for myself on Monday 3 out of 3. I am exhausted but I think I can now have a good night's sleep.

My latest distraction : Tom Boys and whether you have to be a Man to succeed in the Big world was the result of a recent philosophical conflict with people who seem to 'Know it All' including the meaning of life.

I have also been recalling various TV shows depicting women in suits behaving like Men - not just the physical manifestation but also their outlook in general. One thing that I have discovered is that people tend to 'gang' up when they are most vulnerable - surviving on the support of a group rather than standing on their own two feet. Strength requires character and is built on pain and hardship - happiness alone does not build experience, experience is what gives us strength.

The sad thing about this human affliction is that it shares no loyalty. When it comes to the crunch, people will sell you out. And when it comes to jobs, they are numero uno no matter how well you've 'ganged' up at one point in time or how you've shared birthday's in the office or that cocktail party where everyone got drunk and stupid.

So I guess what I am saying is that you should always keep your head screwed on right, rely on the REAL you and not what people want you to be but most importantly refrain from 'stealing' identities which are not your own because you will only do yourself a huge injustice and much like VIAGRA, it is only an illusion for those that have missed the bus in the 1st place.

Friday, May 08, 2009

The Weekend that was...

Here I am sitting in the lounge - boarding in about 15 minutes and another 2 hours to Adelaide from Sydney.

Yes I do not go out very often...I did the going out bit eons ago and is now more than happy to sit at home and chill. I do love my dancing but only if I feel that the people around me are as enthusiastic.

Thanks to Jules and Ross for taking care of me last night. I am not the social butterfly everyone thinks I am - more often I prefer to take a step back and observe what's happening around me. Mating, courting and copulating is not in the agenda - maybe I am a window shopper @ heart.

Not too sure when I will be back to Sydney but hopefully in 2009. WA and Qld is calling - who knows. At this stage I am just so spent from all the travelling - I am not made to lug bags around.

But thank you once again to my friends Keiran, Ross and Jules (*MUAH*) for the past 2 weeks. And Jules - the answer is YES but I am pretty harmless.

Ciao Guys!!

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Go Carrie!!

Mr. Pussy!!
The man with 2 faces
The man who steals cheap books for no apparent reasons.
Are all men freaks??

I am a fan!!!

Monday, May 04, 2009

Back from Sydney and Off Again

The last 8 nights were spent in Sydney - catching up with Friends new and old. I did enjoy myself but felt extremely tired. I guess my brains went on overdrive and it has been a while...what a terrible excuse.

So tomorrow I am off againt to Sydney. Hoping to catch up with Andrew, Jules, Keiran and Ross if time permits but it is a busy week ahead.

I have posted my recent pics on FLICKR on the China trip - check them out as they are pretty cool now that I know my camera a bit better.

Have a great week guys and stop to smell the roses once a while.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Doing whatever it takes to get ahead

Maybe I was never brought up that way but I believe in certain cultural and social demographics, this approach is quite acceptable. I, on the other hand have very little respect for individuals that adopt this mantra and live lives as 'time pleasers' aka with yellow stockings ala some Shakespearian play.

It was told to me that the survival instinct of individuals and how they've lived oppressed lives in their home country have made them the way they are. The need to make it and if it takes deception, deceit etc. then they believe that it is a necessary evil.

Recently, an argument came up about the war and how people are not responsible for the atrocities that they've committed while 'under the influence' and in fear of their own lives; absolution vs. basic universal values of bad and good. Is there really a fine balance or is it an easy options to ease the burden of guilt, one may ask?

I am of one mind that man's journey is be 'exceptionally' exceptional. What I mean by that is that one should strive to live by the principles that they hold true; your life's journey notwithstanding the pressure of MAN - what I mean by MAN is that of the human construct. Not one that is predetermined by LANGUAGE but the essence/foundation of being. Language only goes so far to explain our actions at the best of times but some I feel may understand what the implications are - it is not some mindless existentialist gibberish.

What I really mean, in my little humble world, is that need to find that path to self-actualisation. Understanding the limitations of self before others, the strengths and weaknesses of your basic principles which are often tarnished by experiences (Blake was so apt to point this out) but also to finally return to a place of understanding and to accept imperfections as 'truth'. I don't know how to explain this but I guess part of the process is believing that criticism is part and parcel of the learning cycle but also to stand up for what you believe in is just as important and not let everyone walk over what you hold dear when it comes to the crunch. Understand the duality of Truth; opportunities = liabilities and vice-versa.

To my friends, I hope that you understand that life is a journey worth taking and sometimes a moment is all that it takes to comprehend the true nature of Living. Never do whatever it takes to get ahead but always do the right thing by your principles and values because without it, the common man will always remain a common denominator. Never live off someone's else's miseries and one day someone will find you and save you from whatever it is that you fear; that you are not a mere number in the scheme of perpetual motion! There is such a thing as love.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

The end of the trip...

I am currently waiting for the plane... The most annoying bit about living in Australia is that most of your flights are usually at some god forsaken hour. The trip was very tiring and the last day in Hong Kong was a wet one albiet looking at junya watanabe and commes DES garçon which made me cry..the other half got lucky and finally owns a leather and suede burberry jacket and he is still complaining when he's not paying for it - sometimes I wonder!! I think it makes him look swanky but he thinks it is too Euro trash...oh well one can only try. The next Burberry is mine!

On a good note ... I got myself some real nice gear for the trip to Sydney. I can't tell you how exhausted I am but I am so glad to be going home and seeing the boys. Hong kong airport doesn't allow yahoo and facebook so I can't get my email either... I dread the thought of what's been going on at work but it should be fine. I have a meeting to arrange and a project plan to put in place + request for funding.

That is next week but for now I just need to get on the plane and get home in one piece...and my bed!!